Vet Help Direct aims to kick-start and maintain real relationships between animal owners and vets. Information on our services for veterinary practices
Any UK Vet is a comprehensive list of all vet practices in the UK. Vet search by postcode, town or county
Pet Health Information
Government website: Best place for information on PETS travel scheme as DEFRA controls animal exports and imports into the UK . Also find info on notifiable diseases eg. Rabies and Avian Flu and UK animal welfare legislation.
Loads of really useful information on your pet's health from PDSA vets. Covers everything from chincillas and gerbils to dogs and cats. PDSA are a pet charity and also run a pet insurance scheme.
Pet Charity Website. Downloadable animal care sheets, information on animals for adoption and help with pet bereavement.
The VPIS provide a service for vets who can telephone for specialist advice on patients who have been exposed to poisons. The telephone service is not available to the public but the website is a helpful resource for pet owners, find information about common poisons, how to poison proof your home and much more.
Covers all types of pets; find information on choosing the right pet for you, travelling abroad and bereavement. Information on caring for different types of pets and common health problems.
Very comprehensive advice on routine pet care, seasonal problems and choosing a new pet. Use the virtual weight checker to discover if your dog or cat is overweight.
Brilliant, fun interactive tool to help you find 'Your right pet'. Covers all species from dogs and cats to small furries.
Cat charity that aims to promote the health and welfare of cats. Very reliable source of information on cats. Owner information sheets on a wide variety of cat health problems.
The Telegraph's vet Peter Wedderburn blogs on animal health news and answers readers questions in his weekly video Q and A. Entertaining and very informative.
Dr Sarah Caney is a specialist vet and expert in feline medicine. The website contains free downloads and books for cat owners and vets dealing with sick cats.
Dog Charity Website. Useful information including rehoming, dangerous dog act and bereavement
Extremely comprehensive site: encylopedia of parrot taxonomy, reference library as well as an ask an expert area and discussion forums.
Social networking for pet owners with a lively forum, clubs section and pet video section. Catch up on the latest pet related news and browse Cat, the resident vet's, handy fact sheets.
This a very informative site, all the content is from UK vets. Lots of information on routine care and common health problems as well as an excellent section on feeding your pet.
Useful site written by a vet. An extensive collection of reliable information about common conditions as well as advice on looking after your healthy pet.
One of our vets at Vet Help Direct answers your questions about your pets.
Advice on buying and choosing a dog, dog breeding, health screening schemes and registering pedigree dogs. Information on dog showing and dog activities such as agility, flyball and obedience.
The Donkey Breed Society (DBS) is the British Society for everyone who is interested in donkeys. Find information about how to join the society, as well as advice on buying and keeping donkeys, donkey showing and breeding and a section for children.
The BHS works to improve horse welfare, horse and rider safety, access and rights of way, training and approving livery yards and riding schools. Find information on BHS TREC, other competitions and Challenge Rides, including SEIB BHS Cross Country Championships.
Veteran horses available for rehoming, shows for veteran horses and meet the veteran horses at the society's rehablitation center
The Society for Companion Animal Studies (SCAS) promotes the study of the bond between humans and animals and its positive effects on health and well being. SCAS researches many aspects of the human animal bond and offers information and courses on pet bereavement support, training therapy dogs and more.
Animal Charities
UK based charity working to improve conditions for donkeys and mules. Interesting blog, live donkey watch webcam and videos of donkeys.
Charity that rescues and rehomes all types of animals including dogs, cats, small furries, horses, ponies and farm animals.
Hearing dogs are mainly rescue dogs or unwanted pets. They alert their deaf owners to sounds, providing greater independence, confidence and security.
Cat Charity Website. Useful information on rehoming cats. Fact sheets on cat care available.
A non profit organisation which helps small animal rescue centres in the UK and around the world. Wetnose Fun Day is held every year to raise funds.
This site is free to use and brings animal blood donors to the attention of vets. Consider registering your pet as a donor and making him or her available when you are contacted.
Including Cheltenham Animal Shelter. Rescuing and rehoming dogs cats and small animals in Gloucestershire. Also offering dog and cat boarding, puppy training and Animal Days - hands on experience for young people to learn about animal care.
Galleries of dogs for rehoming from rescues across the UK and Ireland. Pedigree and crossbreed dogs which have been overlooked and are in need of a loving home.
Shelter for homeless greyhounds with 2 kennels in Fife. Keen to make the best dog and owner match so both are happy.
Campaigning to improve farm animal welfare by tackling issues such as battery hens and long distance live animal transport. CIWF investigate current practices, research alternatives and campaign for these improvements to be made.
Campaign launched by Hugh Fearnely-Whittingstall highlighting the poor conditions in which meat chickens are reared and the fight to improve their welfare.
A resource linking to many parrot rescue and rehoming organisations across the UK
ACT is a UK based charity raising funds to support research into cancer in animals, leading to better understanding and treatments. The website provides information about animal cancer, treatments available and specialist vets. Also hosts a memorial page for pets lost to cancer.
World Animal Day is a global event started in 1931. It is celebrated every year on October 4th, which is the Feast Day of St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. The main aim is to raise awareness of animal welfare issues and celebrating the special bond that humans have with animals.
Joe Inglis, the TV vet started the Campaign for Real pet food and has developed a range of natural pet foods. Joe and Jack's cat and dog food contain only natural ingredients and are nutritionally balanced.
Dog Websites
Very comprehensive site; Chat at the friendly dog forum, post to the dog photo or memorial gallery, view dog articles and funnies, review dog food, buy dog books and art. Post lost dogs and dog items wanted or for sale. Browse the online shop for dog products. Plus dog services listings: dog grooming, dog walking, dog sitting, dog training and dog boarding.
Learn more about your favourite dog breed, or learn about one you've never heard of before. Includes high quality pictures, information and tips to train, groom, their characteristics, life spans.
Directory of dog clubs, breeds, training and other pet related services.
Providing an alternative to boarding kennels with home boarding for dogs, cat sitting and small pet care and even house sitting. Also provide dog walking, a pet taxi and daytime home visits to puppies and elderly dogs whose owners are out at work. Branches all over the country.
An informative website about Gordon Setters, their show careers, their owner and news from the Gordon Setter community.
Chingford Hydrotherapy Centre is a fully accredited member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association. Staffed by veterinary nurses qualified and experienced in hydrotherapy, they provide a healthy, clean, safe and friendly environment for all dogs to enjoy the benefits of Hydrotherapy.
MyDogMeds offers cheap prescription medicines, dog food, shampoos and other dog related products. Operated by MyVetMeds, owned and run by vets.
Cat Websites
MyCatMeds is run by MyVetMeds, an online pharmacy owned and run by vets, supplying competitively priced veterinary medicines, pet food and other products.
Bird websites
A specialist zoo for birds of prey. Runs falconry, photography and owl courses amongst other attractions.
Purchase falconry equipment online. Falconry guide and advice on purchasing a bird.
Falconry centre in Wiltshire providing bird of prey experience days, photography days and educational talks. First aid is provided for injured wild birds of prey and further rehabilitation and release is arranged.
A Sanctuary which cares for injured birds of prey and tropical birds, with the aim of re releasing recovered birds of prey where possible. Also provide educational talks and breed rare owls.
Registration scheme for birds of prey and parrots which reunites owners with their lost or stolen birds. The vet fund, relying on donations, pays the vet bill until the keeper of a bird found injured can be traced. Site also includes an extensive online falconry directory.
A rescue and rehabilitation centre for Birds of Prey in Lancashire where visitors can see more than 90 birds of prey, flight displays and talks. Experience days, photography days and off site educational displays and talks are also offered. All proceeds support the continuing rescue work.
Forums and information on keeping backyard poultry. Directory of poultry, egg and chicken coop suppliers
Flubenvet is the only non prescription Poultry Wormer available. Supplied by MyVetMeds, an online pharmacy owned and run by vets.
Reptile Websites
Interesting news stories from home and across the world.
Horse Websites
Compare prices and reviews of equine insurance and equestrian supplies to save time and money. Free to join. Monthly newsletter with money saving tips.
EquiShopping is an equestrian shopping comparison website for the UK and France. Listing thousands of products from hundreds of retailers and brands - everything from hoof picks to horse boxes. Also features Classified Ads for horses for sale, stallions at stud, livery yards, jobs etc and a Directory of Equine companies and services.
A unique site allowing owners of grazing land and livery yards to advertise and horse owners to search for local grazing or livery. The search for each type has options for specific facilities, such as utilities, site security and access.
Lost Pet Websites
Animal Search UK is a service that helps to reunite you with your lost pet. The have been running since 1999 and even featured on Crimewatch and The One Show amongst others.
Forums to share details of missing or found dogs, you can search by breed and location. Browse slide shows of missing dogs and details of rescue dogs needing a home. Useful information on how to find your dog if it goes missing.
Interactive site for lost and/or stolen pets of all types. Register your pet as missing or become a PawTracker and receive updates about missing animals in your area to look out for.
Log in to register lost or found dogs or post comments to help locate dogs and owners. Search the lost and found lists by breed, appearance or location. Join the national network of helpers to find lost dogs in your area.
Animal Behaviour Websites
Animal behaviour centre for behaviour referrals and online shop for training aids and behaviour products.
The APBC is an international network of pet behaviour counsellors, who, on referral from veterinary surgeons, treat behaviour problems in pets. Members of the APBC undergo a rigorous selection procedure so you have some reassurance that they are properly qualified to help you and your pet.
Farming and Smallholding Websites
MyFarmMeds is provided by MyVetMeds; an online animal pharmacy owned and run by vets. Supplying cheap medication and medical supplies for cattle, poultry, pigs and sheep.
Useful articles on horses, ponies and farm animals. Breeders directory, forums and event listings.
MyPigMeds supplies discounted medical supplies, prescriptions and supplements. Run by MyVetMeds, an online pharmacy managed by vets.
An online resource for farmers and smallholders, providing information about new products and services in the farming sector.
Out and About with your Pet or Horse
Dog Friendly Britain websiteDirectory of dog friendly accomodation, pubs and days out with your dog.
Useful information, including a fun 'Paws on the Moors' podcast, to help you and your dog when you visit the Peak District moors.
Full of information, links and advice about walking with your dog including dog friendly places to visit and pet friendly accommodation in Great Britain, France and Spain.
Websites for Veterinary Professionals
Group of veterinary practices in and around the London Area. Aiming to provide a productive partnership between vets and suppliers.
Olympia National Hall, 24-25 November 2011 This year in a bigger venue to accommodate more than 200 exhibitors, 3 clinical lecture streams, a business lecture programme and workshops.
A brand new Veterinary CPD company founded and run by 2 UK qualified vets. Providing high quality yet great value CPD for both vets and nurses. Convenient central location in the West Midlands.
Vetswest is a group of veterinary practices, which use their collective size to improve the efficiency with which they buy products and services. The group started in the South West but any UK vet practice can join.
Online home of the Veterinary Times and VN Times, amongst others. All the latest veterinary related news, very popular recruitment section and directory of veterinary services.
Vetsforum is free to use and brings together veterinary news, blogs, discussions, jobs and more for vet professionals. You can personalise the site to receive only the information that you require, contact others with similar interests and access all this information from anywhere.
WebPartner specialise in purpose built Vet practice websites and also provide pet health factsheet libraries for existing websites. The set up process is simple and all the technical aspects such as search engine optimisation are included as standard.
Online provider of specialist veterinary advice for veterinary practices. We provide reports from specialist vets and telemedicine services that can be offered as a service to pet owners. Free trial period available.
A- Z of services and suppliers for veterinary practices. Find everything you need here from referral practices and solicitors to diagnostic imaging and theatre light suppliers. Simple clear layout , very easy to navigate. You can also download the icon to your iphone.
Website design company specialising in producing websites for vet practices. Very handy guide for vets setting up their own website.
Community of over 3000 veterinary surgeons where you can discuss interesting cases, share videos and photos, catch up on the latest veterinary news and browse or post job adverts.
Online community for veterinary nurses to discuss ideas, keep up with the latest veterinary news and browse jobs. Also has revision guides and other help with training
Website that allows you to browse vet jobs that are available from a variety of agencies.
Excellent resource for animal health professionals. Free access to online veterinary textbooks and journals as well online CPD courses.
Designed by a practice owning vet turned locum, this website lets you advertise and browse vacancies for veterinary staff free of charge. There are up to date listings for vets, nurses, locums, specialist staff and equipment for sale.
Information on the Young Vet Network, The Veterinary Benevolant Fund, and Canine Health Schemes, Policy Statements and information on the BVA's lobbying activities
Online database of cases illustrating wound management techniques. Includes a trial database of modern wound management products.
Veterinary Professionals - Suppliers
Forum Animal Health specialise in innovative and fresh products including Cephorum, Magnacare and of course Vet Help Direct.
Free photos for use on practice promotional material and products that are sold where the photos are used for illustration or decoration.
Client newsletters customised for your practice. Get printed versions and pdf for the practice website.
New client cards and sympathy cards.
Cost effective infusion and syringe pumps direct from the manufacturer.
Wholesale Vet/Care Bedding, Pet Blankets and Pet Duvets in soft, machine washable fleece which does not support microbiological growth.
Fun Sites
Pet social networking, get a website for your pet, great pet scrapbook app. Fun search for pictures and videos of pets. Very interactive stie, well worth a look.
Useful site with chat rooms, pet news and missing pet information.
Pet Website Directories
K9 Magazine offer.
Directory of rabbit websites rated by users
Directory of pet websites rated by users
Comprehensive collection of directories for pet owners and vets
Web pages for animal lovers to share photos and information, plus a comprehensive directory of pet related websites.
Pet Supplies
MyVetMeds is an online veterinary pharmacy run by a group of over 100 vets. Website supplies pet, equine and farm animal prescription medicines as well as toys, food, bedding and non prescription pet health products at very low costs.
Online pet pharmacy, vet available to talk to over telephone. Prescription and non prescription products available
High quality pet products and accessories with free delivery on any order over 29 pounds. Find well known and loved brands as well as the Pet365 blog with product reviews and interesting pet care advice.
Discount prices for leading brand pet food, feeding equipment, safety equipment, accessories and more for Cats, Dogs, Fish, Birds, Small Animals & Reptiles. Home delivery in the UK.
An innovative product, muksak allows you to carry your dogs waste safely, without mess or smells, to the nearest dog waste bin or all the way home. The website also includes information about other related products, responsible dog ownership and relevant news items.
Pet supplies for dogs, cats, fish, small pets and birds across the UK. Free shipping for orders over £30.
Pet Crematoriums, Undertakers and Memorials
Pet bereavement services in Scotland. Including private pet cremations, a qualified Pet Bereavement Counsellor and a large range of memorial products. The website also hosts "In Memory" pages for messages as a memorial to deceased pets.
Pet portraits and memorials with digital images encased in glass, making them colour fast and weatherproof, for indoor or outdoor use. Choose from a wide range of shapes and designs and include your own choice of poem or other wording.

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